How to Video:

Naming Your Files

For a Video Memorial

#4 - Naming Photos, Documents & Folders

Use our simple Unique Naming Convention for faster results!

To make the best video memorial you need to have the right photos and documents. With your photos and docs we will paint a picture, through video, for the viewers watching to see just how special your loved one is

First, you will need to choose the best Top Main Photo that will best represent your loved one for your project. Usually it’s the photo you may have used for the published obituary online or in the paper, etc. At the right you will find the steps to renaming your photos & documents.

Second, you will need to find 30 more photos that will represent your loved one’s “Timeline Events”. Usually starting with a baby photo, then teen, and through to adulthood, usually from important events in their life.

Finally, there usually are special stories that can go with your photos that we call “Back Stories”. You can now send us any number of stories in MS Word or Notepad documents that you would like to share that would go with any of the photos. You must follow our directions for re-naming these documents as well to match up with any photo you wish to elaborate on.

Follow our simple steps are as follows. >>>

  1. Firstly, completely fill out the Check Availability Here then continue down this list while you wait for our response.

  2. Choose your one (1) Main Photo - Re-naming your “Top Main Photo”: or 000exp.sjj.jpg

(Replace “sj” with your loved one’s initials. You can use 2 or 3 initials.)

  1. Choose 30 more “Timeline Photos”: to

  1. Choose the best stories that represent any of your photos to be included as Screen Text throughout your Video:

Your documents need to be the same name as the photo you wish to elaborate on. If you have a special story behind, let’s say, your photo: must re-name your document to go with this photo: or

(This way we will know which document goes with the correct photo.)

  1. If you haven't already go and watch our #3 tip on Creating & Naming your project Folder (HERE) to hold all your photos.

  2. Lastly, watch our #5 Video on "How to Upload” (HERE). This video shows you exactly what to do to get your project going.

  3. Once we look over your files we will send you an email notice of approval along with a "Deposit" invoice or “Wait-To-Pay-Later” invoice. (This all depends on availability at the time.)

Give us as many uplifting or funny stories. We will do all the work to make your video special and memorable for all to enjoy for years!