Forever Remembering your loved ones...

A memorial service can be one of the most difficult events in our lives. We know this from our own experience. This is why we believe that it is very important to remember the best and most important parts of our loved one's lives viewing through a chronological order of events. We want to do this for you by using your precious photos from their lives and capturing them in a Super High Quality Video Presentation so that years and years from now you can look back and see your loved one(s) as if it were yesterday.

Check out this precious video of our own beloved here below...



Choosing Our Video Memorial Presentation

A video memorial can help us remember a person's life much easier by visually watching our Video Memorials. We try to capture your loved one's life's journey to project a positive impact. All you do is provide us with the right photos and stories, and we will create the right Video Presentation for you.

Learn how to Prepare a Folder, Photos & Docs

Please take a moment to watch our tips and how-to videos, which will give you the tips and guide you through our required steps for using our unique naming convention for naming folders, naming photos, and naming your documents. This way everything will be ready for us to get started right away when we receive them from you.

Check for Availability and Upload your files to us.

Completely fill out the "Check for Availability" form. (Form is HERE ) If we are available we will send you a link for the Order-Form Confirmation. Fill it out and agree completely. If you are ready click submit. While waiting "go ahead and upload your files to us" at www.wetransfer.com You will need to follow our instructions. (Start HERE!)

Verifying Order, Time and Delivery Date of Video

Once we receive your official Order-Form, we will verify the time and delivery date of your video. If we run into any issues or scheduling conflicts with start and finish times we will contact you ASAP. We strive to deliver 100% Satisfaction, not just for our videos, but for our client relations from start to finish.

Sending Invoices and Easy Payments

Our invoicing process is hassle-free! Invoices are conveniently sent to your email with a clear breakdown of any and all charges for our services. You can easily make payment through the provided link in the email, ensuring a smooth, efficient and secured transaction experience.

Be sure to watch for our "Wait-To-Pay-Later" invoice.

We sometimes give you the option to pay a deposit now or pay in full later. We provide the finished video for review regardless...

Steps to take for a Successfuel Order

Our Simple Steps For a Successful Order!

  1. Choose us to create a unique Video Memorial Presentation...

  2. Submit the "Check for Availability" form for the specific Presentation & date you desire...

  3. If we are available for that type and deadline, we send a link to fill out the Order-Form Verification Agreement... And we may give you a "Wait-To-Pay-Later" option.

  4. Agree to our Terms and Commit to your Order then Submit...Once we receive your order we will look it over and then begin working on it. If we need anything further from you we will let you know at this time in the process.

  5. In the meantime, while waiting for further notice, please follow our instructions on how to organize, prepare, and name the folder, photos, and documents using our specific naming instructions.

  6. Upload your Folder with all your documents and photos inside as per our instructions...

  7. When you receive either Invoice to be paid or "Wait-To-Pay-Later" notice we will begin.

  8. We will let you know when it is complete and send you a link that takes you to a secured Review page. We give you unlimited revisions. If you see any issues, reviewing the video, we will change whichever you desire for as many times as you see fit, until you are completely 100% Satisfied with the results. (You will be blocked from downloading the video at this point in time. You will need to sign off on the video before we will release it for download.)

  9. To sign off on the video just click the "Accept and Pay" button which will take you the the final payment hub to pay the remaining balance. After we receive and verify your final payment, we will send you a link that allows you to download the full video without any limitations. You will have 3 days to download your video before we discontinue the video feed.

  10. That's it!