Follow the steps below before you upload any files to us. We use a unique naming convention and we use a free upload site to make the process simple and effortless.

#1 - How to Prepare for a Video Memorial

When it's time to prepare for a video memorial for your loved one's passing, you can count on us. All we need from you are meaningful photographs, documents and anything that we can include in your video project to help capture the cherished moments of their life. We will craft a heartfelt video memorial including the appropriate music to help honor their memory and create a lasting tribute.

#2 - Choosing The Right Photos & Documents

Choosing the right photos and documents for a video memorial involves selecting images that reflect the essence of the loved one's life, showcasing significant milestones, relationships, and moments of joy. It's essential to curate a collection that evokes memories and tells a compelling narrative, ensuring the tribute captures the essence of their legacy.

#3 - Creating The Desktop Folder For Your Photos & Documents

To organize materials for your video memorial, We'll show you how to easily create a folder on your PC's desktop and name it according to our specifications. This centralized location allows easy access for gathering photos, documents, and other relevant materials to ensure everything needed for the tribute is readily available within the folder when you upload it to us.

#4 - Naming Photos, Documents & Folders

Renaming your photos, documents, and project folder with our nunique naming convention streamlines our processing by enhancing organization and expediting workflow efficiency. By using our specific naming convention, we can ensure easy retrieval and management of all essential photos, documents within your folder.

#5 - FINALLY - Uploading Your Folder To Us

The final step in the process is to upload your prepared folder to us using a secure and free file-uploading website. This ensures that all the materials are securely transferred to us within seconds. This will allow us to look everything over and begin creating your meaningful and personalized video memorial for your loved one.